Bed & Breakfast in the heart of Gascony

​​​​​​Ancienne Ecole

South-west France is known for its hearty food and fine wines. Our little corner of the south-west is among the most rural, least densely populated areas of western Europe and has retained culinary traditions and local specialities which are little known outside the region.

It is these lesser known local and seasonal dishes that we most enjoy preparing and serving. So you may not get foie gras or duck confit at l'Ancienne Ecole, but you will experience la cuisine de l'amitié, la cuisine du terroir ("cookery of friendship and of the soil") - simple, traditional Gascon dishes and French bistrot classics.

​The New York Times recently published an article titled "Is Gascony the most delicious corner of France?" You can read it here.

Although we are are lucky to have such an abundance of locally grown produce,we know vegetarians do not always fare well in France. So we are particularly happy to offer meat-free options.

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